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November 26th, 2015 Black Friday Specials

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September 3rd, 2015

Pan Shisha

Looking for Pan shisha? Paan is a flavor from India, with a minty uniqueness, not seen in any other shisha flavors. Pan Rasna or Pan Raas is a sweet paan flavor while Bombay Pan is a spicier paan flavor. Paan shisha is made by many different brands. Afzal is the most well known brand with 5 different paan flavors. The Afzal flavors include Pan Rasna, Bombay Pan Masala, Pan Masala Supreme, Pan Apple Splash, and Grape Pan Twist. Minar Jurak makes both Pan Rasna and Pan Masala as well. There is also Desi Murli with Pan Rasna and Bombay Pan flavors. Desi Murli is a drier, stronger shisha. The newest brand to hit the market with a paan flavor is CocoNara. Coconara shisha tobacco carries the Pan Rasna flavor, sweet and minty. Hookah sites that carry these pan shisha brands include and

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