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June 16th, 2017

New Shisha Tobacco Brands at has added 5 new premium shisha brands!!!

Pure Tobacco

Pure Shisha Tobacco

Ugly Tobacco

Ugly Shisha Tobacco

NU Shisha

NU Shisha Tobacco

Zomo Tobacco

Zomo Shisha Tobacco

Lavoo Tobacco

Lavoo Shisha Tobacco

These brands are premium high demand shisha brands. Grab your hookah and try out 1 or all of these new shishas.

April 17th, 2017

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February 28th, 2017 T-Shirts & Pullovers

Texas Hookah is expanding their brand name. Over the months, we have made it convenient for our customers to wear brand name and quality t-shirts made by Not only have our customers requested these products but have also raved at how it feels and fits. People want to be a part of something and with our T-shirts they can be. Every event or function that is hosted by Texas Hookah is a great success due to the support and help of those that make it possible and with making prime quality shirts that we can distribute to the various customers who have and continue to support us, we can. We have been striving to make it possible to get every single customer and member of our FiveStars’ rewards program to wear a t-shirt and know that they belong to a great hookah community. We have them available in many different sizes ranging from S to XL, which can also be bought through our website (Texas Hookah T-Shirts). Every day we strive to be better and with great vendors and support we will and can be. Thank you! T-shirt Pullover Hoody

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