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March 31st, 2014

HEKK competition


Well its time again for a new competition and giveaway. This time its on the subject of Spring Break and the HEKK hookah. I got this hookah this month and I reviewed it and we decided to give it away. The hookah came from Estonia and it also is very simple but very unique in its own. i love the people that made this hookah because its so simple but yet so complicated. I say this because it was made out of stuff you would find in a garage or shop and it was all combined to make one thing that someone wanted to share with their friends and eventually the world. Looking at it you can see that it took some time to make and everything is made from hand and scratch. I’ll start with the handle of the hose, it is turned on a wood lathe and each is made and stained to match the travel box that the hookah hides in. Next comes the travel box, simple but yet the components make it work very well and took time to develop. The front of the box slides open to reveal the hookah but it also holds a custom wind cover that keeps your coal from sliding about. there are holes cut in the front and back for the hose and purge access. The hookah itself very simple with a unique purge. A ball bearing purge but its like none you will see anywhere else.  So one lucky subscriber on the smoking-hookah Facebook page will win this hookah. How? Well the rules are simple you have to be a fan to the page, also you have to comment starting out with #smokingspringbreak followed by a description of how this hookah and will make your Spring Break better. Well I just wish all the contestants luck and what I have seen so far this contest will be a great one. Dont forget to subscribe to all of the Smoking-Hookah social pages to keep up with all the new contests, coupons, and giveaways.

February 20th, 2014



So if you havent noticed I wasnt doing much posting in the beginning of Febuary because my internet was down. During this time I wasnt having a blast or sitting around smoking a lot of hookah. Really I didnt smoke hookah, I just used my e-Go a few times. Being away from the community for the couple of weeks made me miss everyone and miss seeing what people are into. I wasnt able to keep up with anything not even the weather or the news in the world. We got snow here and I missed a few days of work becasue I couldnt leave so that made it really boring with no internet. No internet meant that I couldnt host the Google+ hangouts and I really enjoy that. I really like smoking with the community during my session. I finally got my internet service fixed and this week I spoke to a guy name Cody that just ordered a hookah from the website and we were talking for a little while and it made me happy to be back in the game online. After he got off and I was waiting to see if anyone else was going to join, a troll got on the hangout and tried to insult whoever was on the hangout which made me miss being away from the internet. I hate trolls and Im sure you do to. I just wish that everyone could be nice about things on the internet and if you are going to critique something or someone do it in a nice manner or at least have a good reason to do it. For example, I wish people had a valid point when they criticize something like you have a page dedicated to people eating glass? Well glass is sharp and dangerous and could cut you if you dont be careful. That would be a valid point made not well you have a page dedicated to smoking hookah? My uncle smoked hookah 3 times and was killed by a bus. The internet has its pros and its cons and the big con is that there are a lot of people trolling the internet trying to stir up fights for no reason. So I invite you to come strengthen the community every Monday night at 7pm U.S. central time on Google+. For more information and to find more people that are interested in hookah you can find us on Facebook , Twitter @smokinghookah , Google+ Smoking-Hookah, and YouTube . Im Daniel Springs, as always Keep Smoking!

January 18th, 2014

Roi Efiel eat your heart out!



 Well I hate to tell you Zarhrah has done it once again! They have come out with a new hookah that will make you drool. While you can go out and buy the Roi Efiel and it looks cool and smokes good you will be driving last years car in comparison to what Zarhrah is carrying on our site. The Zarhrah Empire Glass Hookah may be a little pricey but its worth every penny. Yes it has some of the same features as the Roi Efiel and looks similar it is no means in the same ball park. A company called Minnesota Legit is making the Empire Glass hookah by hand with special scientific crafting that takes ten hours to make just one hookah. With this much time and skill going into making just one hookah you know where your money is going, that’s right straight to quality. It does come with the glass purge valve or carb most call it. The hose is medical grade silicone and is super easy to keep clean. Features that the Roi Efiel doesn’t include is a patent pending honeycomb design in the base that works as a diffuser to muffle sound and creates a smooth smoking experience. The bowl which is made of clear glass, is made in the style of a phunnel bowl and is one of a kind. Every part on this hookah aside from the grommets and the hose itself are made of top quality hand made glass. So tell me will you be the first to review this one of a kind hookah? Lets see if you get it before I do and if you do let me know on Facebook , Twitter @smokinghookah, Youtube , or Google+ Smoking-Hookah Im Daniel Springs and as always Keep Smoking!

December 18th, 2013

Its cold outside!



 With winter stetting in and temperatures dropping I want to talk about some things you can do to warm you up with your hookah. First you can pick a shisha that will keep your body warm with just a draw of the hose. I would suggest something with cinnamon as the flavoring. Mint is a shisha that cools you down and cinnamon is a shisha that warms you up so don’t mix the two. Now what brand and flavor am I thinking of? That’s simple Nakhla Flames, now it is a shisha tobacco that has nicotine and you can get a buzz off it. I like to smoke certain shishas depending on the weather and my mood. I like to smoke fruity shisha on nice spring and summer days and when it gets colder I like to smoke flavors like that have chocolate or spices in them. When I drink I like to smoke shisha that has something to do with alcohol like margarita or sweet flavors. So now that I have shared this with you tell me what you like to smoke when its cold or hot outside. Leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, or in the comments below. I’m Daniel Springs and as always, keep smoking.