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Hookah Kids

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Thats right the title says it, hookah kids. I wonder what the next generation of hookah enthusiasts will look like. I myself have a six month old son that will be raised around hookah in the home. I of course do not smoke around him or in the house with him. Im just saying that most people grow up with a color television in their home now and it is just there and they dont think much about it. I on the other hand have multiple hookahs that are used as decor and used to smoke through. Will my children grow up to see this and think its a normal thing to have hookah in the home? With hookah becoming a huge trend now will more children other than my own grow up to understand what hookah is and the rights and wrongs about using hookah? Maybe in twenty years my son can sit and socialize with my wife and I over a bowl of hookah, or will it be a trend like bell bottom jeans that fade away with time? I guess what the real question is, will hookah be another trend to surface now and fade out and be hidden to be refound again in fifty years as the new staple of social interaction? With technology evolving the world smoking cigarettes has become a thing of the past and everyone is converting to smoking the “E cigarette” or the electronic smoking device. First it was cigarettes, now you can find pipe tobaccos that are now electronic and following are the new electronic hookahs. I find myself old fashioned if you will, I love hookah and the art of hookah in general. Although I may try the electronic hookah or use it at work I dont think I’ll be handing over my equipment to upgrade to the next trend. So to all my hookah enthusiasts out there where do you see hookah in the future? Will your children be educated and involved with your knoledge of hookah? Let me know on facebook , twitter @Daniel8SpringsĀ or on youtube . As always Im Daniel Springs, keep smoking.


  • I don’t think children should be exposed to tobacco at all, whether it be in a hookah, smoking tobacco, or smokeless tobacco. Hookah is another thing, though. I have 2 hookahs in my home and my children (8 & 12) understand that I only have them for decor, and occasionally when I want to smoke up some vapor stones with a few friends. I’ve made it perfectly clear that this is not tobacco or marijuana and that those two drugs are not okay. I think a tobaccoless hookah environment is perfectly okay around children.

  • My children will one day grow up around shisha, it’s part of me and the places I grew up in. I think it’s better to grow up around it because before there was a stigma attached to shisha that it was bad and for drugs(at least thats how it always was in South Africa). I’m South African but grew up in the Middle East so I tried it at a young age. I’ve tried the electronic hookah and it’s good, mainly because it’s fast and portable but I still prefer a good full shisha. I like preparing it and it’s kind of like a ritual to me. I really don’t see myself permanently switching to the E-ciggs. And plus, I love going to a cafe to sit down with a good shisha and relax with my friends.

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