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“Soex” non tobacco ,no nicotine Herbal smoke can be aquired at: Smoking-Hookah.com,Hookah-Masters.com,Hookah4Less.com,,Hooka-Hookah.com,EastCoastHookahs.com,

I have had most of their flavors, the taste¬† really came through and was 100 authentic¬† For those who like the¬† great kick with nicotine,¬† the “Soex” company (also from Indi) makes “Afzal” brand shish in many flavours. First of all,¬† upon opening the Afzal pack, you¬† can see the tobacco leaves, cut up small. The taste is two-fold on one hand you can feel the ma’asal honey¬† and flavoured part strongly, with a great touch of real tobacco in it. Its not a kid’s smoke, quite strong and the taste goes on and on very slowly smoking. I put in a smaller ammount than another premium brand, and yet the smoke can be 50-70 minutes long!