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I had to stop in the middle and as the previous post was long and I didn’t want to loose it for various technological reasons (which either I don’t understand, or the techno doesn’t understand me, please see this as a SHORT continuation of the previous post : “He stuck his hookah,WHERE?”

Dancing was the theme if you remember.Arabic, Greek-Cypriot, Irish-Celtic, Turkish dancing with an actual hookah on his head.blubberauch

I have so many other dance videos I could show you, and wanted to end it with a few of these…

Now this will be quite heavy to dance with on your head, and dangerous to smoke. Brass. Brass is quite dangerous.

Nice looking though.

I showed various “ethnic” dancing. With narghilas on the head but mostly not. “Ethnic” is what is termed¬† loosly “not of my culture, or clique of friends, my inner circle”. Ethnic Arab belly dancing to a member of the vast and large 21 Arabb nations is not “ethnic”, but “Mine”.

So here goes folks, I am not going to spend much more time searching for videos, but as the previous post had to be sundered for sundry reasons (very small pun, yes?).

I now give you the Jewish version of ethnic dancing. (With more added Scots, Mexican)For many¬† this might be termed “ethnic”, but its what my hommies and I do at weddings.Dance, eat a bit, dance, drink a leh Chaim a bit and then with that fuel dance for around 3 hours. Its a great Deed, Mitzvah Commandment¬† to “Make the Newlywed Husband and Wife happy” by dancing before them, singing, music,¬† wild jokes an some amazing antics that you’ll see here by watching. These are Chabad Chasidim (Hasidim) of which I am, (that’s not a stable state of being, but a constant working effort! Mainly to Serve G-D, and to Serve G-D with Joy with all our mental¬†, emotional, spiritual and physical actions).

Here is the Yid’s Vid ! I think I see¬†one of my sons ¬†here in the wilder dance¬† scenes.This is New York, Brooklyn and I’m in Israel.

I’m glad I continued. Here is the women’s side dancing. Looks like the beginning.Also Chabad-Lubavitch but from the faces I see former neighbors !Small world.

Impromtu Chasidic dance-any time is fine!

I’ll finish with a song from the famous Chasidic (Hasidic) singer Avraham Fried who I remember as a part time librarian 28 years back and is world famous¬† already 25 years. He is still a very modest person offstage!

“Go from Strength to Strength”

He sings in Hebrew, Yiddish, English all 3 his “mother tongue” and Russian besides.

“Scotttish Highland Fling” great.

Sword Dance

Los Primos Amigos (My Main Men) in a “Mexican” folk dance.They can’t fool me, its 99% Mayan-Inca-Aztec Indian of some dance. Spainiards watch out.Vamoose!

Here you may see the direct influences of the Andalusian (North African Arab)

conquerors of Southern Spain moved to sunny Mexico!

“American” Square Dancing.I think its actually from Eastern Europe originally.

Fooled You! Square Dancing in Japan!

Czech Republic does it too.

FINALE : Ilytch Tchaikovsky’s¬† “Swan Lake” stolen by Baryshnikov who made it HIS “Swan Lake”.

I wonder? This shows that Russia did not lose the Cold War !

Napolean did !

If you think this continues softly, then wait!

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