Tuesday, October 30th, 2007...3:11 pm

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Don’t see more info than is viewed on our main page? That’s since I love to do these blogs and the posts from 4 days back get sent to cyberspace!!!

Not to worry!¬†There IS an archive for my fond readers to persue….! You just look on the right hand¬† side of the page where it¬† is written¬†¬†¬† “ARCHIVE” and you can see all the great hookah info, posts, comments from our friends, great adverts, hookah products, how-to-do-it videos and lots of my funny humorous vids and photos.

Question 4 U mates. Didn’t you EVER wonder just why I sign my posts as “Hookah 1” ? Well, I’d hate to embarrass my 7 children and 7 grand-children with sundry in-laws besides!

This is kind of what I look like in real life! Emes !

Not me, I tend towards smiling!Hi mates!

More like this :With Russian Premier Putin himself, we’re hommies!

So here on the blog I  am yours truly.!..

Nice hookah video for your persual :

Our neighboring army of Lebanon in the north chill out¬† with hookah after the big fight….

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Hookah 1 (simmering in a white wine sauce with onions and lots of sautee’d mushrooms!)


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