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How To Clean a Hookah

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The water in the glass vase should be emptied after every smoking session. Remember that the water in the glass vase acts as the filter for the smoke, so we recommend that you wash out the glass vase after every use. Clean the metal stem with the cleaning brush and very carefully funnel clear hot water through the hose on a regular basis. Never use soap to clean your hookah, as it may contaminate the taste of the smoke. Both the metal stem and the hookah hose should be completely dry before smoking with them again.


  • You should never run water through your hookah hose. The water will erode the inside of the hose, so when you smoke, black specks (the eroded material inside of the hose) will be released into your mouth and lungs.

  • how do you reccomend a person cleans the hose out if water erodes it

  • If it is the un-washable type, you blow through it, better take a vacumn cleaner hose ….and suck it out.I use only coiless, washable and often 100%plastic hoses .

  • so how would u recommend cleaning the hoses?

  • You don’t. Blowing out the smoke from the hose is sufficient most of the time.

  • If you don;t have long brushes to clean your smoke tube ( the metal one inside the narghile( or hookah ) not the hose) just take some thick string and knot it a few times and pull the kno thru a couple of times.

  • What if you used soap before reading this post? Anything you can do?

  • using soap is fine, doesn’t leave a taste so far as i know, instead it removes the , def buy a washable hose

  • inside the “pipe” when i move it around it sounds like there is sorta like sand inside it? any idea what it is?

  • The “sand” you hear is as far as i can tell a bacterial growth from moisture. i have two hookahs both Myas, a small and a large, i have not had the problem with the small one but with the large one its gets a sand like buildup on the inside of the stem if it has any kind of moisture left inside. I have heard vinegar and water mixture is good for getting rid of it but i have not tried it myself.

  • hi my name is naasir and i have washed my shisha with fairy liquid which is a washing up liquid and now my shisha hose port and my shisha hose taste of soap how do i get rid of it need help urgently

  • hi my name is naasir and i have washed my shisha or hookah with washing up liquid and now my whole shisha taste and smells like soap so how do i get rid of it need help urgently

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