Sunday, April 27th, 2008...8:38 am

Your’e not alone Hookah smoker!

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Did you think you are alone, or at best a small group of you smoking hookah hidden away in some dark corner like imbibbers in an opium den? HMMMNNN?

Well friend, open your eyes and see the colours of hookah from all over the world, and New York too.

hookah shop in Hudaida (Yemen)Gu-du-gu-daaMoodMode by myrtepeertSmoke by osirishookah

paan @hookah city

Tropical Flamingo Special Shishagreen by lisaschafferphotoSmokingBelly Dancer 9-30-07

 Waiting for BusinessLa Gitana by aldo_vistoNeon, bellydancer by neonissima

Hookah ChrisSo thanks for making me a fighter.PatoghCaterpillarWoman with hookah (nargila)Hooked to the hookahHookah smoker in RajasthanTaurusArt-Cafe


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