Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Great Hookahs-“Karim Abdul”

Smoking-Hookah.com¬† has the great line of “Abdul Karim” hookahs of very sizes. http://www.smoking-hookah.com/category/9450001/ ¬†

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Middle Eastern Musical Instruments

¬† New on “Smoking-Hookah.com” are a much larger ammount of originalMiddle Eastern musical instruments. There are¬†13 different types of “Darbuka” (hand held bongo-like drum with body of clay or lightweight metal), tambourines,Bedouin hand held violins, bamboo and wood flutes. Here is the link: http://www.smoking-hookah.com/category/40364001/ These instruments can be played without instruction, get better as you […]

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I’m Dancing for Al-Waha Shisha

¬† “Al Waha” shisha from Jordan? I’m a big lover of “Nakhla” from Egypt,they have quite a lot of¬† flavours and they are great.I used to smoke al-Waha a lot, both of these brands are rather cheap compared to others. The other day I had Al-Waha “5 Stars”and “Strawberry”. Al-Waha is very wet shisha while […]

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

“Modern Ice Chamber”

I‚Äôve smoked a hookah with an ‚ÄúIce Chamber‚Äù, but it was part of the whole hookah and not a separate piece. I often go to ‚ÄúSmoking-Hookah.com‚Äùs ‚ÄúNew Items‚Äù page on their website to check up and I see they have one! Da Smokey Link!! :¬† http://www.smoking-hookah.com/product/61839001.aspClick also for the link on the photo at left¬† […]