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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Herbal Smoke… Damiana, Kava, Skullcap and More

Many people all over the world are now hooked on a new trend ‚Äì herbal smoking, also known as legal bud smoking. Legal bud smoking involves inhaling the fumes of several herbs, after lighting them, either through specialized pipes, chillums or just by rolling them in cigarette paper. A wide variety of these herbs have […]

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Salvia Divinorum for Dummies

Update: Make sure to read the update at the bottom of this post for important info… Salvia Divinorum Salvia Divinorum is a plant that can be smoked that is from the sage plant. In the summer of 2004 I had the very weird opportunity of smoking some Salvia Divinorum with my parents who had purchased […]