Check search engine for “Bedouins”
If you see the images of Jordan, then likely you’ve seen thr fake nude picture of Her Majasty the Queen of Jordan and some boring shots, plus s lot of Michael Jordan.
Go to search under “Bedouins” and you will see some authentic shots. The Bedouin of today often owns a pick up truck for scaving food, buying supplies, or just finders-keepers. That’s how my car was stolen and butchered for parts and found in a Bedouin village. Good commerce,
The black and white photos are much older shots.
Many Bedouin find work in the army profession for Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, etc.
They can see like a hawk and hear very well.
I have been on border patrol or over the border patrol with a Bedouin tracker many times.They are in most cases honourable to the country that they live in.
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