Vodka tip for shisha

Heard that drinking a mixed  vodka drink will refresh the tongue and palate for a better smoking taste!


Huh? Maybe something I’ve missed!

this looks like my “hookah chiller”“” sells these.

But… if you¬† drink too much and its quite easy, your taste buds will become like mush and your brain to a dangerous ¬†garbage dumpI have always thought that Jack Nicholson is only acting the same part in every film he does.

Here is his very first film to prove it:

¬†”Here’s to the first of the day fellas.To ol D.H. Lawrence” After¬† 39 years I finally figured out what he says after drinking :Neat, Neat,Neat” (Neat means a straight un-mixed drink) “Indians”

 in 1960? well, he was cast as a mean mother even then.

He is SICK , just made money playing crazies.

proof enuffff?

Real cuckoo

this is around 1966 I would think.The little boy is the now famous 58 year old film director

  in short you want a wild man in your film, get :