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July 15th, 2018

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New Hookahs, Shisha Flavors, Charcoals, and Accessories!

Stock up this summer with some new hookah products! We got in some fancy new Amira, MYA, and Deezer hookahs along with a few new Afzal flavors. Don’t forget to check out the couple of new charcoal brands we added along with some new hookah accessories!Azure Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Flavors
New Azure Shisha brand just added with many unique flavors! We also have new Afzal flavors and just when we thought it wasn’t possible more pan flavor mixes!
Amira Wood Hookah
New Amira Wood hookahs, MYA X-Function hookahs, Deezer modern hookahs, Starbuzz rotating hookahs, and Regal Wood Stems! So many new hookah pipes to choose from!
Golden Desert Hexagonal Hookah Charcoals
New Cocourth and Golden Desert natural charcoals added. New hexagonal shaped charcoals are gaining popularity due to even heat management and lasting longer.
Hookah Bowls
Hookah Accessories
New hookah bowls from Tangiers, Alpaca, Kaloud, HJ, and more! Lolli-Tip candy mouthtips taste amazing when paired correctly with your favorite shisha flavor.
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November 24th, 2017 Black Friday Specials!

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday Deals!
We have a very simple and large discount for you! 20% Off Total Purchase! Check out our new products we just got in along with price cuts on hookahs, charcoals, accessories, and flavors!
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Check out out new product, Lolli-Tip, a candy lollipop combined with a hookah mouthtip for the ultimate hookah experience:


September 9th, 2017

New Products and Specials at has been busy adding many new products:
Shisha Brands – NU Shisha, Ugly Tobacco, Pure Tobacco, Zomo Tobacco, and Trifecta
New Bowls – Gilani Glass Phunnel, HJ Trytis Bowl, Alpaca Bowls, Sahara Stone Vortex, and KS Appo Stone Bowls
New Hookahs – Amira Magnetic Hookahs and Shika Hookahs
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Texas Hookah Store

June 16th, 2017

New Shisha Tobacco Brands at has added 5 new premium shisha brands!!!

Pure Tobacco

Pure Shisha Tobacco

Ugly Tobacco

Ugly Shisha Tobacco

NU Shisha

NU Shisha Tobacco

Zomo Tobacco

Zomo Shisha Tobacco

Lavoo Tobacco

Lavoo Shisha Tobacco

These brands are premium high demand shisha brands. Grab your hookah and try out 1 or all of these new shishas.