How to Get a Good Deal on a Hookah

The first hookah I ever bought I got from one of the mediterranean shops you can find in most cities. It cost me $59.95. I thought I got a great deal.

You can imagine my surprise when I found the same hookah (in a different color) on ebay a couple of weeks later for $12.00. I was so much surprised as pissed.

Later, I found out that most of these shops get their hookahs from sellers on ebay because the price just CANNOT be beat. After getting reamed on my first hookah purchase, I’ve only bought hookahs and hookah accesories over ebay. And, although it takes a couple of days to get it, the money saved is WELL worth it.

Since I consider myself quite a master of buying hookahs on ebay, I’ve created a search for all of you out there that weeds out the shit.

All of the Hookahs on the Next Page are:

1. Less than $10 for Buy It Now (No waiting around and bidding for days)

2. Have photos of the actual hookah

3. Are reputable sellers

4. Hookahs, Hoses, Charcoal, and all types of Accesories

So with that, go and take a look and see if you can’t find your own hookah for sale for 10 bucks or maybe find some accesories or another 4-hose hookah at unbelievable prices.

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