Will your shisha last past its package date?

Here is the link for all the various shisha brands at Smoking-Hookah.comhttp://www.smoking-hookah.com/category/12001/So, the first question about stale shisha is : “How do I know when my shisha is in danger of getting stale”¬†?There is a date on every single shisha pack which states”This shisha is good until 2 years after the date on pack”Question: Who,when and why put this date on the pack?¬† Normally its part and parcel of the pack itself, printed on along with all the rest of the pack. This is no problem considering that “X” packs are printed and “X” amounts of 50 gram shisha are put in from that very date.¬† What if there are more packs than shish? Like 50,000 more? Will they be thrown out or used the next day,next year? Secondly, how do they¬† decide that 2 years is the cut-off date? What if the shisha is sent in an overheated hold of the ship? Or kept in a hot warehouse before being sold.Another question : “Do you really need to worry about the date”?My opinion is a definate “No”. I’ve been smoking 8 years, and I have bought many different brands and flavours of shisha which I like for variation. Though I smoke 5-8 times a day, I still have much shisha that I know is¬† a few years past the 2 year limit, and it still tastes great.The only 2 shisha brands which I have had problems with¬† (a few times in different flavours) were (gasp!) 10 years old. One was questionable if I should keep, heck I got 10 packs for almost nothing! The same with the other (that one was a true bummer). What happens that makes a shisha go “bad”? The sugar from the fruit just rots. From my experience, I would say¬† any shisha well kept covered and in a cupboard dark will last easily 5 years and then more. Though I don’t suggest it.By fresh and use it up.Plan your stash. Like I said,mine is extensive.Another tip, don’t tamp down the shisha in your bowl so that there is no air, it will smoke hot and probably burn.Also, don’t give in to the desire to perch a few more grams of shisha onto your bowl,it will burn especially if it touches the foil. Make sure you are way below the serface when you have finished packing. I am guilty of the above once in a while and then it burns.This crook has shifty eyesSee full size imageFor the fun of it, if you are a hockey fan, here area few videos of the “Hanson Brothers” who know how to clear the ice!!Funny, from the movie “Slapstick” 1968 Paul Newman and these blokes.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7c69r3mD8w