How To Make Your Own Shisha

Update:¬† Over the last few monthes, this post has become pretty popular.¬† Looking around the net, I see this post commented on and also improved on in subtle ways.¬† The problem is, all of the recipes and tips are spread out over tons of websites so it’s hard to find all of the variations.¬† That’s why I’m asking you to leave any tips and recipes in the comments section below so we can get all this in one spot.¬† Thanks, Brad

I just found a fantastic website about How to Make Your Own Shisha over at snarkdreams. If you have a do-it-yourself attitude or want to find out where your shisha comes from, then you may want to try one of these Shisha recipes and learn How to Make Your Own Shisha.

Shisha Recipes:


  • American Spirit Natural Rolling Tobacco
  • Red delicious apples
  • Molasses (light/mild)
  • Glycerine (yes glycerine) (buy a safe to digest kind, ie vegetable)

20% apples by weight
80% tobacco by weight


  1. Cut the apples in 4ths and core them.
  2. Throw them in a food processor if you have one, or just chop the hell out of them with a knife. You do not want an even consistency, or you’ll have apple sauce. You just want pieces of apples that are finely cut.
    Option: You may not want to cook the apples. I’ve found that it works better when I cook it, but others who have tried it just prefer to let the apples dry out or remove water through some kind of press or alternative means.
  3. Throw the apple mixture into a medium saucepan and let it simmer till a good deal of moisture from the fruit is burned off. This part is somewhat subjective and you’ll have to play around with it to get it right.
  4. Let the mixture cool down. Add tobacco and 1 teaspon (per 3 apples is what I do) of molasses & glycerine each. The glycerine and molasses help for slow even burning.
  5. If you want to add preservatives, do so at your own risk, I never bother since I usually smoke what I make that night or the night after, so there’s no risk of it going bad.
  6. Enjoy.

General Info:

Well I have found that pipe tobacco can work well for making shisha but I have come across a few problems with it.

1) Most of the pipe tobacco is strongly flavored What this means is that no matter what you marinate with it there will still be that taste of pipe tobacco.

2) It is more expensive then regular tobacco I have found that either buying dirt cheap cigarettes and cutting them open to use thier tobacco can work or buying rolling tobacco can also work well

3)The taste of pipe tobacco mixed with molasses does not come out very well. I would suggest using light molasses in any event but the taste of it will overpower the fruit you use if you but too much in.

What I think the best thing to use is Drum rolling tobacco, another brand that worked well is American Spirit Natural Long Cut. This is very hard to find and may have to be special ordered in some areas. I would suggest Drum because it is a good tasting cheap tobacco. The only down side to it is that it is very dry so you need to marinate it for a little so that it will simmer under the charcol and not burn. If you can get just raw tobacco that would be good to use too. Try messing around with different things and keep us updated here with how your expirements go. Try using fresh fruit first, make sure it is chopped very fine, almost to the point of being minced. Keep the juices that the fruit has and mix that with the tobacco too. I heard that is you line a cigar box with tin foil and let your shisha marinate in there that it will come out good. I have not tried it. I just use little styrofoam cups and I mix everything together with a fork. Add the molasses last to the tobacco after the fruit has saturated the tobacco so that there is a stronger fruit flavor over molasses.

Great Shisha Making Discoveries

We have made a moderatly great discovery in hooka smoking yesterday. well actually 3 things.

1) in NO form will you be able to make peanutbutter Shisha. It turned out tasting horrible and left a nasty flavor to my hookah that took over an hour to clean out with steaming hot water.

2)Grape Jelly doesnt work. Unless you can thin it out somehow we just end up with a globber and no smoke gets through the bowl. No moving of tobacoo or messing around with extra ingrediants would make it worth while to smoke. Pinneapple is still the best i have made.

And 3) If anyone else has ever had the problem of getting a cherry in your bowl (for people who dont smoke anything else a cherry is what happens when the “tobacco” catches on fire) and making your bowl taste all burned and nasty. well a solution for this is aluminum foil. yes i know 95% of you use that but not in this way. place a square of it covering the bowl and punch a handful of medium holes evenly spread around. next fold a peice of foli into a long strip, take this strip and make it into a circle and set it around the outer ring of the bowl. Then cover this with another sheet of foil and punch some small and medium holes only towards the center. this will cause the heat to come directly down from the coal but then get spread out among the shisha burning it perfectly evenly and at the correct temp. you can pack the phattest bowl you want amd as long as your coal is hot it will keep going. –Note– there is a downside to this. sometimes it will reduce the thickness and depth of the smoke drawn from the hooka. suggested remedies is alcohol or sex. (sex? its always a remedy)

Enjoy everyone and i will have more when i figure out how to build a distiler and keep it on the DL so i can brew my Absinthe. Its good shit look into it.

More Info:

It’s been a long weekend for me and I have some news to relate about our smoking experiences. Although i got very frustrated with my past failed attempts at creating shisha i have never the less continued attempting to create shisha that rivals El Bashi. I have not tried any new flavors then what i have already posted but i have tried new methods.

What i have found that works the best is to take fresh fruit that is full of juice and to smash it as small as you can and break it apart. If it is a heavy fiberish fruit like pineapple make sure its broken apart well. Take your broken apart fruit and place it in a small bowl and slowly begin mixing in tobacco. (see end of this letter for tobacco types) Mix it together until all of the tobacco has attached itself onto the fruit and you can barely see any fruit left in the bowl. If you add too much tobacco add more fruit to even it out. Now add some LIGHT syrup Molasses. Mind you not a lot, about a tea spoon i think is all it takes. Mix this together untill the substance gets sticky and it’s well bound together. If you add too much molasses the fruit flavor will get drowned out so be careful. Molasses is needed to get the burning correct. Okay so now you have your shisha and it is ready to smoke. Head this warning!! The molasses may drip down through the bowl and may get messy be forwarned.

Now the tobacco that can be used. I tried buying some cheap cigaretes and using that tobacco but it really did taste horrible after some of the fruit burned away and towards the end of the bowl. I believe that the ultimate tobacco would be an unflavored pipe tobacco. I bought some as i said in an earlier letter but it had a strong flavor to it that was not to my liking and it overpowered everything else that i mixed it with.

My newest experiment this weekend was with different types of alcohol in the bottle. First i mixed about 3 shots of Jack Daniel’s with water in the bottle. It made the smoke soo much thicker that the change was very noticable and worth doing every time. Next we mixed 3/4 captain morgan with 1/4 water and it was even better. When this is done there is a small flavor change in the tobacco and it is very good. After this we walked around the dorm asking everyone what sort of alcohol they had and if we could try it. (By this time we were all feeling pretty buzzed from the alcohol in the bottle. No we didn’t drink it, be smoking it you get a buzz and eventually drunk.) We were able to try Bacardi Limon, Skky Vodka, Southern Comfort, and only because by this time we were plastered Natty Ice. I am not sure of the effects of the natty ice but i think it was positive. Okay this was a large update and i think i will end it here. When new things are attempted i will update again. Please write me at [] if you have any ?s or coments.

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