Here is my plug

Before you pull that plug 

It DOES seem a shame to write posts, and then leaving them around like yesterday’s old newspaper which are good for covering your pet animal’s cage with.


Today’s newspapaper will not be tommarow’s news. But the things written by yours truly while not timeless, are still of great use to read at least from June 1st? I hope.

I have a chance to plug here all the past posts and especially something which is pertmatent to the opening of yet another new university school year. (I wrote this on June 18th as you went on vacation, remember? If not go to June 1th’s articled post¬† “shisha club” ideas on how to get rid of tobacco you found was not good for you and trading on BIG scale .(see¬† June 18th post, and other older issues as well for great info.

This is older, but tried and true music :


Ehud Manor called this his favorite country song, an Elvis Costello cover of an earlier George Jones song:

Gram Parsons did this in 1972, but Emmylou Harris has a great guitarist here exploding. The next is same song with Albert Lee on Guitar andbetter singing I think blowed me away.

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Asleep at the wheel does “Xmas in Jail”

Another Asleep at the Wheel. Ray Benson is around 6’7″ without his cowboy boots.He’s a brother.(“Ben”-“Son”)

Buck Owens with Dwight Yoakum (Funny, this is a Hebrew word which means G-D Will Rise)

Randy Travis

George Strait

Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen

Boxcar Willie

The pedal steel guitar was from the original recording by “the Flying Burrito Brothers”, Garth Hudson from “The Band” on organ as was the singer forget his name.Richard Manuel or Levon Helm.

Here they in 1970 “the Band”

Here is the flying Burrito Brothers with the same Sneaky Pete Kleinow on pedal steel guitar and the very late RIP Gram Parsons in 1969 who died in 1974, lead vocals.

same group

Gram Parsons did this first and gave it to Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones who payed back the favour by turning him onto heroin and he died of an overdose not long after.

This is a film of “Our gang-the little rascals 1930’s) with Hank Williams from around 1947 singing

1940 cartoon to Hank Williams blues

 Hookah 1