Great back-to-school party

So, its another year in the University of Peoria, Kalamazoo, College, or 12th grade (providing that you are over 18, right?). You might be new, or have changed dorms, joined a frat house or sorority (Sp?) house. A great way to meet new people from your age group or social strata if that’s important, common language or opposite, to meet people of all cultures would be…of course, a hookah party. Why go to a lounge, spending the time traveling in 25 cars, or renting 2 buses? Have the party in the dorm social room. You could contact a lounge, some do rent out their hookahs for a night, or buy your own, Have a shisha trade off, get rid of the coca cola flavour you thought was pepso and was really diet croca cola ! You can’t dance with a hookah in your arms,but if there is enough room, move the tables.

“First we take Manhatten then we take Berlin”……Leonard Cohen.Then we take Abu Dubai

Here they are mixing it up on the 3rd floor  next to the chemistry lab.

Hookah outdoors patio party :

Yachabibi don’t bogart that hookah hose, effendi sahib.

Hey bro, I kid you not, I knew of this picture and was planning to take it down, but in general search for hookah party I found it, and since Succot, Sukkot, Succos or Pentacost Holiday is 7-8 days long, starting on September 26th in the evening, I’m bringing MY hookah to¬† the Sukkah for sure. I won’t smoke on the holiday first¬† day since I can’t take the chance of accidently putting out a coal or the such, but 6 days after its smoking on the veranda for us. We’ve got a beautiful country view with zero buildings except each families personal house. In a valley.

Chappy   Sukkot Cholliday

Hookah 1