Tangiers?Heard about it but never travelled there.

Whoever has been looking online for great premium shisha tobacco, and checking out the forums especially HookahForum.com knows who “Tangiers” is and what “Tangiers” is. Maybe you don’t know where “Tangiers” is.
Well “Tangiers” is a city in Algieria and also a hookah lounge and usa company based in San Diego,California.
Thats where Tangiers the man makes Tangiers the genius idea of his to make true to life usa hookah shisha with authentic taste.

I know a few people named “Tangee” who come from Algeria,
I thought San Diego,California was dangerous.

If any of you have tried “Tangiers” lets hear from you your ideas and reviews.
I haven’t ever been to Tangiers in Algeria but many people born there have told me about it.
I need a taste of the real thing.
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