Smoke Shisha without ANY water?

This guy uploads a lot of nice shisha experiments.

Here¬† he has added ONLY very large ice cubes to the glass bowl… and gets great¬† freezing smoke, but no hubbly-bubbly noise.

DO NOT do this. The fool has put dry ice in his  mouth and blows out smoke.

worse some people I¬† know have put dry ice in thir water shisha bowl. I’ve read that its dangerous.

Now, this is safe! I’ve done it.Adding salt to crushed ice. I’ve also mixed salt or sometimes baking soda to the water and put in the freezer. The¬† salt will keep the salt from freezing 100% in the freezer, but the smoke is colder and the smoke is much thicker.

Only a college student would do this!!

Ice and salt on his back! His friend spelled the letters “a S S ” on his back! Cold stuff and it burns.

“Smoke gets in your eyes”