“Poker” quick lighting coals-new

“Poker” quick lighting coals are the new addition to Smoking-Hookah.com’s great line of charcoals.


Please take a look at the rest of the site for some great buys!

Now if you got at least $650.00 in Xmas money, you can look on this link below and see the line of “Meduse hookah pipes”. Hand made and so thoroughly crafted they are said to be the Rolls Royce of Hookahs. I wonder how much does it cost to replace the glass if broken?


I would imagine that the blokes who buy them take the price off of taxes for “business equipment”. Meduse backpack hookah! ¬†

Even Joe the Plumber has his own specially designed pipe.

Or the more traditional real Iranian  hookah with attached shisha head of metal

I have a similar looking hookah with (probably) a decal of the same Sultan exactly, but  its an Egyptian style head!

Some “Night music ” 4U

The first song is Arabic style and Greek guitar called “Majnoun” Arabic for “crazy” First verse “I want to sit and smoke the nargilah with al my friends”.Words in Hebrew


The rest of the songs are mainly in english and might suprise you.









hookah shop in Hudaida (Yemen) by olga_rashidaBrain! by Curious Expeditionsrisque hookah pipe by brocantegirlequality by Norma DesmondYoung Woman with a Hookah by 19th Century Photographic ImagesRelaxing as tourist explore his home - man in nubian village by luv to travelSmoke, strum, slap by phxpmawe had an ok time last night by catkleinMimi by arekolek

Don’t blame me- my PC broke down

Yeah, my PC broke down. First I had to fight beurocracy to get the company who sold it new and genuine Explorer XP to take it, then ship it, wait, wait and wait, . Then have the PC shipped back.

Guilty Puppy

I just recieved it 23 hours ago so expect me to be soon my regular¬† hookah smoking manic hookah blog blogger soon….

Hookah Prose and Jokes



“Indian Chief Smoke-too-much”

There is a great sketch by Monty Python’s Flying Circus called
“The Travel Bureau ” Sketch :

Man enters travel bureau :

Travel agent : Hello, I’m “Bound-for-Adventure”.

Tourist to be : Hello I’m “Smoke-Too-Much”.

Travel Agent : Well….You’d better cut down a little then.

Tourist : What?

Travel Agent : I said, “Smoke-too-much so you’d better cut down a little then. I’ll bet you have people saying that to you all the time”.

Tourist : “Actually I never noticed it”.

Travel Agent : “Well, have you come to sign up for one of our adventure tours then?”

Tourist : (Goes into a 4 minute long monologue rant about typical British Tourists overseas).
Classic —————— ————–

Author Mark Twain quote on extreme smoking :

“Excessive smoking is when you smoke 2 cigars at the same time.

Lord Byron on hookah :

“Divine in hookah,
sublime in pipe,
When trimmed and tapered,
Sweet and ripe….”

The problem with Lord Byron was that he stuck everything and anything into any pipe he could find.

I found him to be so Upper-Class indulgent that I could not finish the biography.