Thursday, June 22nd, 2006...9:16 pm

4 Reasons Why Smoking a Hookah Makes You a Better Person

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It seems obvious to all of those in the “In Crowd” that smoking the Shisha makes you a better person, even if it is just ever-so-slightly. If you haven’t been a hookah smoker for long, you may be asking yourself why. Today is your lucky day.

1. Hookah Smokers know that smoking the hookah is dangerous but they don’t care. We just want to make sure that God wants us alive. So, we give him as many chances as possible to kill and/or maim us. We come close enough to feel God’s breath on our neck, all he has to do is blow and we’d be dead. But he hasn’t yet, so I guess we are still supposed to be alive and kickin.

2. Hookah Smokers know how to relax and live life without a To-Do list. We don’t watch Dr. Phil and haven’t read any good Self-Help books lately.

3. Hookah Smokers can converse for hours on end without running out of stuff to talk about. Practice makes perfect.

4. And lastly, but certainly not least, Hookah Smokers can hold their breath for a loooooooooong time. So, if you ever drop your keys in a pond or need help out of a sinking car, your Hookah Smoking friend can save your ass.

Smoke On,


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