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A bit more about adding your own glycerin

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You can find here in the search the various articles that I’ve written about adding glycerin (also spelled “glycerine and glycol).
Its good for dry shisha, but what I’ve found out in experimenting that adding to “Nakhla” shisha, (which is for sure with out rival the dryest of shisha on the market) it ruins the great taste. I’ve done this by adding just a bit extra glycerin to the “Nakhla” tobacco which again IS DRY SHISHA and every flavour I did this with lost its good taste.
Evidently it not what I had thought always that “Nakhla” uses less glycerin to save its production costs and passes it on to the buyer such as you thereby creating a cheap but good line of shisha.
Its that the shisha as is, is quite fine, and is cheap to purchase but you get good flavour despite that!
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