Almost Like a New Hookah

I just bought some new hoses to smoke from.
I invested in some great hookah hoses at the “”.
I bought 2 Cobras, one the authentic expensive kind, and one the cheaper kind.
I bought the long, beautiful “Syrian” hoses which cost the most, 5 of them, and one othercheaper shorter hose .
I don’t like to smoke mint flavours or licorice, double-apple tastes in a all the hoses since the taste si so overpowering and will affect the smokes after that for a while.
I’m now smoking premium Al-Ouns grape flavour which I also bought at, and it was tasting like the nakhla double-apple from before, so I switched to the non-authentic new cobra which I have used about 3 times.
I blew it out first like you are supposed to do after each smoke, but I kept getting this lousy black powder comming out (and in), so I had no choice but to wash it.
I went back to smoking and every puff, more black powder. Well, I just started that smoke.The pull was hard too so I took one of the new Syrian hoses and it was like another world.
Easy suction, and no lousy black powder which after all must not be from the charcoal, but evidently the hose had rusted on the inside. It had been like that from the beginning.
Thats what I get for buying cheap. The other hoses are great and this grape Al-Ouns is too.
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  1. Its worth gettting 1 good hose that can be washed out than 3 cheap hoses which you can’t and they absorb the tastes quickly.


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