add a HOSE

Reminds me of the “Hydra” or was that the “Medusa” ?

What would you do if you had this beautiful hookah and would like to add  another hose? How could you ever do it without ordering another metal shaft stem?

¬† answer:no, that’s not your wedding ring welded to some appuratus!

What you do is purchase one of these, and screw it to the air pressure release! It is a perfect fit for another hose! Now you’ve 2 hoses.When you smoke alone, you can take the other hose off and this appuratus will act as your air release, or even keep the 2nd hose on, and it will let extra smoke out!

Come see it at to purchase.

Double-Hose Plug !

End result (see below link) :

Hookah 1

6 thoughts on “add a HOSE”

  1. I’ve seen these add a hose things but was never interested. Now it looks like a great idea instead of passing the hose back and forth.


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