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After holidays sales

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I see that “” is having yet another sale! But these aren’t just leftovers- they are great hookahs ,shisha, hookah hoses and accsessories.

I recieved some great “Abed El-Khader” brand shisha from Jordan. It has great flavour and¬† smokes slow.

These are just 4 of the many great flavours.

Tried yet “Saet-Safa”?”An hour of pleasure”)

Also a top brand  a few notches above the rest!

From Jordan is “Al-Ouns”

¬†These are the carton packs of Jordanian¬† “Al-Sultan”,¬† not to be mistaken for the American “Sultan”. They also have many exotic flavours.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I smoke all of these since we are next door neighbors¬† so close to Jordan that “” get them in less than a day.¬† Fresh.

Notice the new specially long and well crafted  hoses from Syria!

Want your shisha to STAY fresh?

don’t forget to open the pack, spread out your tobacco shisha and let sit minimum 4 hours to acclimatize. I wait 24 hours and put the shisha stored best inside a Tupperware type plastic container, then label them.

 Yes, I was born 8 years after  created the product  in 1945 made these Tupperware parties (1960 England was the first party in the home )

Well I guess that was Great Britain’s revenge for the “Boston Tea Party”.

“Look Madge its lightweight and unbreakable”!!

My baby bottle was made out of glass!

¬†I’d go with “see through”.

These are great lights to put¬† in your hookah’s water!

Hookah 1

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