Thursday, August 2nd, 2007...5:27 pm

Anyone out there tried “Tangiers” shisha?

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I’ve been hearing about “Tangiers” shisha tobacco for a long time. Its masterminded by “Tangiers” himself of another forum fame and I had my tongue hanging out just hearing about the long list of great flavours.
Who can write a review or add some info?


  • This don’t know of sheesha .here in Algeria we smoke Iranian style.

  • Personally I think it is a lot of hype. Read up on the shisha cuz it takes a degree in rocket science to get it to smoke. I think that the forum that tangiers runs is full of false accounts to promote his product and newbies that are suckered into trying his product. Most people will tell you that they cant get it to smoke correctly and that it smells like bbq. I was a newbie there and found myself wanting to try it very badly. Wouldn’t you know I found someone willing to trade it with me! upon receiving it – it smelled like bbq and tasted like crap, and I even tried it 4 times before finally finding some other newbie to trade it with. and they had the same problem. I wonder if they ended up tradeing it to? anyway, not all it is hyped up to be and the flavors may sound great but it all tastes the same just my .22 cents

  • Hello Brian !
    Even Tangiers in the where he was of help on many tech. questions on shisha “rocket science” said the same more or less often. The man tried helping so many people on the forum for a few years. I think what he is trying to do is take the next-step into a better blended shisha and it won’t take 3 years, but lots of trial and error. If he gets it right, he’ll be Big Boss, but hype, I’m not so sure.He could pay someone else to post 200% more on his forum if he wanted.
    On the other hand Brian, I’m going to take your word on the shisha until I get my hands on some myself.
    Hookah 1

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