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Beautify your hookah tips

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Why didn’t I think to write this tip before?

A great way to emboss and beutify your hookah with colours is quite simple and not my idea really. On many hookah hoses you can see at the top & bottom ends of the hose are often colourful elastic bands, even on the cheapest or simplest hoses. If you’ve ever seen under these elastic bands, you’ll notice that they are stategically placed over the glue connection between the hose mouthpiece and the actual hose!

Notice here below that the hose is completely plastic, one piece, hence no pom-poms or glue or elastic coloured bands!

But we aren’t talking about¬† covering up¬† some glue or tape.¬† This is about colouring your black hose, and just using your own personal¬† talents and input.

Some ideas :

 Well, this is a great way to beautify the hookah, though some of YOU would put  your hookah away quickly and keep the beauty.

(Lets hope you are good looking to her, too!)

I am not saying that all these juicy items are astetic in my own eyes, but as they say “different TOKES for different folks”, “beauty is in¬† the eye of the beholder”, and “there is no discussion on taste or smell”(Translated).


take some scrap fabric and sew it up¬†¬† on the hose, you don’t need close stitching boys, its easier than sewing on a button. You could put some foam rubber too under the fabric.Halloween HoboHookah

These I buy in a pack of 100 multi-coloured and very small to fit the sir—circumsi—(no)circumphrence ?of the hose.there are many colours.Beads?

your HomeTeam’s insignia


or get decales for the water base (ecch ugh!)  

Hang your good luck pieces :

mount your trophy :

These can be put on a solid gold chain and wrapped at the kneck of the hookah, providing that you have your own security guard and pay him well along with  good property insurance.

¬†Hang these on your hookah…

House key-Dog R.I.P.?ñ”?ú

Girlfriend’s house key :

Check your air flow and hose pressure

April Fools

Hose dividerApril Fools

April Fools

Hurrah for your team :

worry beads :


What time is it on your hookah?

“Up your hookah”


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