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Canada does IT too!

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     They even do IT in Canada!

Yes friends, its known that Canada is promoting high quality emmigration.

With much more territory (Land)  than all of USA,  Hawaii and Alaska put together, the population is very small.

     There is a bigger problem too for you lovers of shisha!

Where to buy? There are the “mom and pop” ethnic stores¬† mostly in Toronto. But if you live in Calgary? That is some loooong drive!!

Buying online can be¬† hard. There¬† are a few like “” and “”who ¬†send there, but they tend to check at customs. The company will write n the package “fruit preserves” and it¬†IS fruit preserves 100%!

I’d contact Fadi at Arguily com. online narghile store in Ottowa Canada, even if you are ithe USA!

He’s a great guy from Lebanon who’s Christian family had problems there back in the 1970’s and even earlier.

“Abu Dani” his blog name¬† turned me on to “Al-Ouns”¬† shisha tobacco which is Jordanian and only sells online! Its my very favourite PREMIUM shisha brand….

Check out Abu Dani’s long time great blog¬† at

Canada Dry!hookah 1


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