In all fairness to a nice guy!

I recieved a comment from a July !!!!! post (that’s why you need to see the great archives here) I had written to what I had found as an article posted and listed on “Google” search engine. I thought it well written, but disagreed with most of the views. In fairness as there are 2 sides to every question and issue I am bringing that post again to attention , with the Dec. 2nd comment of the author in full, and my answer written tonight (Middle East Time!).

Since it is buried way back in the archive of July’s posts, I make a link here.

If it doesn’t come out, go to “Cartel” or “e-Bay” in our forum search engine.

I liked his writing style, and just because I don’t completely agree, still I think his comment was in very good taste and his original articles very well written.

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