“Don’t Stoop to his Level”

“Don’t stoop to his level”. Have you ever heard those words? If you did, you were probably under the age of 23 cuz after that you’ve more or less found your own level.And when its said, lets say at 14 years old by your father it makes you feel worse than burt shsisha,no?Not good educational practice.

Water¬† has it’s own level too. A tiny drop will flow down a mountain, between crevises of giant bolders, just to reach its own level.

And in a hookah? How much water? Maybe¬† you’ve read the tried-and-true law “fill the bowl until it’s 1 or 2 inches above the end opening of the hookah shaft”.Jungerkeit! WHO made that rule?I saw the “hookah rules of ettiquite” many years ago and they are copied word for word in other hookah forums. They also tell you¬† that¬† “it’s not proper to pass the hose into another person’s hand, put it down¬† and let him pick it up”. RIGHT!! After a few beers you’ll be lucky to find the mouthpiece of the hose. I would be insulted if someone did that.(Do I have a catchy disease?).

So, water level. 2 rules forsure. One, you have to have the bottom opening of the shaft covered with water an inch, or no suction. Two, too much water and you will be slurping tobacco flavoured Red Bull through your hose and clean out the rust, dust and dirt while you do, probably ruining  your non-washable hose.YOU do it like you want. If you prefer less water fine or like me, as much as I can get without it going up the hose. Experiment. Also allow for some evaporation as you smoke after awhile, or ifyou live in a dry climate and the hookah shaft at the top is uncovered.Comprende?

Add some ice too, it cools off the smoke.Dumb and dumber is what some people do by sticking the whole mother in the freezer.You’ll ruin the hose and the cooling effect on the cold glass is good for 2 minutes max.


 or  higher if u want.


water level quite high

 or stick the hookah in a bucket of ice water?

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