Fact or Fiction: Hookahs and Opium and Marijuana, Oh My

Hookahs and Opium and Hash

Hookahs seem to be an icon for some drug culture. Just remember that poster of the caterpillar getting high on the leaf in Alice in Wonderland? Even though nowadays the flavored shisha makes public use of hookahs be limited to tobacco, people still experiment with all different kinds of herbs in their hookah at home. An herbal store near me sells many different herbs that have some psychological effects when smoked. Catsclaw is one of them, another I believe is called Skullplant. These are all legal and are very cheap, like one dollar per ounce or less.

Anyways, the point of this post is to break the idea that hookahs are used for marijuana. Anyone that has ever smoked a hookah would know that MJ wouldn’t work too well because it is usually way to dry and not dense enough. Hash is traditionally what was smoked, not weed or pot. However, the group of people who originally smoked out of these were Muslim and many orthodox Muslims believe that smoking anything is wrong so they have slowly cut out the opium and hash and changed over to tobacco. Also, it was said that the hookah smokers would be way too messed up after smoking a huge bowl of Opium or Hash, so the shisha was actually a step in the right direction.

If you would like to know about the effects of smoking a hookah, please check out my post on Does Hookah Smoking Make You High?

3 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction: Hookahs and Opium and Marijuana, Oh My”

  1. The only thing in your post that was correct was that smoking plain cannabis from a hookah wouldn’t work well. Hashish was not what was first used it was intaft tobacco, (plain but later flavored, bit still dry at that point.) please get your facts straight before trying to inform people and including sources wouldn’t hurt. EVERYTHING in your post was wrong once again except what my first sentence said.

  2. Can’t get high smoking pot out of a hookah? Incorrect! My friends and I do it all the time. We take some nice bud, ground it up as good as we can and mix it with shisha.

    Shisha is a mix of fruit and tabacco mixed with a glaze such as honey or molasses, it is naturally wet and as such prevents the weed from burning up too quickly.

    The best part is, with a hookah you can get two or three people smoking on it for awhile and get crazy stoned on it.

    Another urban legend is that the water filters out all of the toxins of smoke, making it pointless to smoke herbs or opium out of a hookah. This is not true in the least. The water simply makes for a much smoother smoke.


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