Has this charcoal farce happened 2U?

I buy my quick lighting charcoal in large boxes which usually come in 100 pieces or 120. ¬†Once every 6 or so boxes I find a roll not of charcoal but “turd bombs”. Don’t get me wrong, this roll is wrapped the same, in it are the same black circular coals, but they all taste like the above mentioned-lousy. ¬†at first I clean out my hose but the hose was clean and no problem. so I light another shisha type on one of my other hookahs, same lousy taste. I put it down to a bum roll of charcials, and the rest of the pack of 120 charcoals were great, just these 10 were lousy. Luckily it doesn’t happen much. I’ve found this on many of the best quick lighting charcoals. Hmmm.See this en”lightning ” article from a manufacturer of quick lite hookah charcoals. finally I found the delicious ingredients that go into the ¬†charcoal…..Including dried sewage? Well is that tasty or not? Depends on what YOU like!http://www.briquettepress.com/product.html¬†Below is a charcoal making machine

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