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Hezballah article and my view too

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A brand new news article I just found.

The Hizballah organization-army has built a new museum to show how Israel lost last year’s war in( very) South Lebanon, over the border of Lebanon the smallest of all 21 Arab nations.

(They have some giganticly sized countries mostly).

The article posted says that the museum shows the effects of Israel’s bombing of the cicilian population -again, just over the border region and not inland to the cities.

     Left out of their propaganda is that they also bombed  Israel,the whole north, cities like Kiryat Smonah, Shlomi, Tzfat (Safed). the major city of Haifa, and they were nice enough to hit Arab villages inside of Israel proper who also had killed and wounded thanks to their Moslem Brethren.

But read the article yourself.

The fearless leader of Hizballah refers to Israel’s army as¬†only¬† weak SPIDER ‘s net about to rip apart.

In the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible (maybe even the Koran) it  has a story parable about King David.

King David asks the True One G-D and Creator of all physical and spiritual worlds a question :

“Why did you create such a worthless creature like the SPIDER” asks King David.

He anwers¬† the King. “Time will come and you will be in great need of the lowly creation of Mine, the SPIDER.”

As time goes by King Saul (who reigned directly before King David–so David was not yet king….King Saul becomes jealous that the Phrophet Natan predicts in G-D’s Name that King Saul will see his own kingdom ripped apart from him and torn assunder, later David will become the King.

King Saul becomes melencholy and terribly depressed. The only help for his sadness is for David “The Sweet Singer of Israel” who composed many of the Psalms with G-D’s Holy Spirit resting on him¬† can play the Kinor which is a type of harp-lyre and sing Psalms. Only then will King Saul be able to sleep.

In a later fit of rage, King Saul’s son Yonatan the best friend of David tells David to flee since Saul wants David dead.

David does flee, and he hides in a cave…which one lowly, tiny spider weaves his web across and this seals off the opening of the cave so that King Saul and his soldiers are at the cave, see the spider net and assume that its been made so long ago that David could not possibly be in the cave!

G-D tells David : “You see that no created being in my Creations are for naught, but Created by My Infinite Wisdom and Sight.”

So Hizballah does not have too many Israelis worried. “We have with G-D’s Help overcome Pharoah (and myriads of others, we will overcome this too with G-D’s Help.”


  • Fearless Leader Nas’r’allah and Hizballah soldiers can eat “Cold Cholent” from last weeks cooking left-overs!
    Cold Cholent

  • Dizzy.Daffy.Dean
    August 25th, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    I liked this article. Keep posting.Hizbola is on the way out- its only a matter of time.

  • As you wrote, during the bombing of northern Israel by the Hizbollah, tens of thousands of Israeli civilians had to flee their homes to seek shelter and food. They were helped mainly by ad hoc groups which formed immediately to help their brethren with great results.

  • Nice post

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