Hooka Hooka Toil and Trouble, Get me Some Shisha On the Double (Apple)

Speaking of Hooka Hooka Toil and Trouble, heres a serious warning for you all out there. If you have a hookah that is made of COPPER, you have to know about this…

Some ornamental hookahs out there have copper bowls. This is Poisonous! Do not smoke from it. That is like eating a piece of plastic fruit. It is just dumb. Copper is terrible for you and people die all the time from it. If you are smoking from a copper hookah, that airy feeling you have is not the shisha, it is from being poisoned. So stop. And tell all of your friends to stop too.

Here is an example of what one of these copper hookas looks like:
Hooka Hooka Copper bowl

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