Hookah How To

Hookah How To - Parts of the Hookah

Hookah How To

Taking the time to get to know the parts of your own hookah can be very rewarding. Just like the Japanese Tea tradition, the smoking the the shisha is considered a great honor in the Middle-East. So, lets take a moment and learn a little bit about the hookah. Hopefully, by the end of this, you‚Äôll be able to get you and your friends feeling great without the help of anyone else…

The Parts of the Hookah:

Charcoal Screen: Separates the charcoal from the tobacco.
Clay Bowl: Holds the shisha
Bowl Grommet: Seals the bowl
Tray: Catches falling ashes
Shaft: Enables the smoke to pass from the bowl to the base.
Hose Grommet: Seals the hose
Air Valve: Enables smoke release when the base fills to its capacity.
Base Grommet: Seals the base.
Glass Base: Smoke chamber. Should be filled with about one inch of water to filter the smoke.
Hose: Enables you to draw the tasty smoke from the hookah.

Steps to a Great Smoke:

1. Fill your base with water. About one inch of water should do the trick.
2. Use a small amount of water to moisten the Base Grommet for fitting.
3. Place your Shaft into the Base and rotate clockwise slowly.
4. Fasten the Snap-On Tray over the Shaft.
5. Fasten the Bowl grommet over the Shaft.
6. Gather your Flavored Tobacco, Tongs, Metal Bowl screen (or foil).
7. Unpack or loosen the Flavored Tobacco. This will make it easier to load into your hookah and will give you a smoother smoke.
8. Without overfilling the bowl, lightly place your loosened tobacco into the clay bowl.
9. Fasten a screen (or foil) over the Bowl.
10. If you are not using a proper screen and you are using foil, be sure to poke small holes into the Foil. Attach your Bowl to the top of the Shaft, by fastening it onto the Bowl Grommet.
11. Hold a piece of Charcoal WITH YOUR TONGS, light the charcoal and place it on top of the Metal Bowl Screen (or foil).
12. Puff on the hookah a few times to wake it up.

*The tobacco should never burn. Avoid burning your tobacco by keeping your bowl moist. Keep your bowl moist by using fresh tobacco and by making sure there is adequate water in your base.

If you follow these directions, then you are going to have a great smoking experience. Once you’ve mastered the basics, drop by my “Smoking Tips” to see how to improve your hookah experience even more.

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  1. I’m new but I’ve found I prefer the lack of taste and smell from the natural fingercoals. People report having problems with lighting/keepin these lit. I’ve found a solutions to that.

    Plumbers blow-torch. $15-$20 at Lowes or Home depot. Comes with everything you need usually, the torch a feul can and a sparker/striker. Replacement propane fuel cans are less that $3 each. Looking at about 60 seconds to get one perfectly lit, just holding it with bbq tongs, torching it and blowing on it.


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