How’s that hose?

Is your shisha tastingkind of funny lately time after time? Do you change the water and clean the hooka often?

Could¬† be the hose you use is rusted or just too old. Check out these hoses at including the washable plastic hose which is THE ONLY hose that is really washable and won’t rust no matter what you are told, they will al rust or ruinbeing washed, except the p.v.c. plastic hose. Here are all the hoses on their list

Hookah 1

7 thoughts on “How’s that hose?”

  1. they should sell those great plastic hoses with a nice thin covering for the same price. the plastic hoses are flexible and easily washable, but need a decent covering.

  2. That washable hose looks like (my) rat’s tail (used to before the farmer’s wife cut it off!). But washable leather hoses always end up rusting. Gotta go to a company online you can trust. PVC plastic has gotta be washable!


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