Humidity has got me down

Its been really humid around here for about 5 days or more. I know that this always reflects on the quality of the smoke from my mouth or lungs out.

Its very important to take new shisha that you buy, open it, spread it out and let it acclimatize to the weather and atmosphere where you live.

The shisha generally comes from the Middle East where it is hot¬† and dry. If you take it out and smoke it brand new, you’l get humidity shock-the humidity¬† of where you live won’t be the same as the shisha that you bought.

I always  leave brand new shisha opened for 4 or more hours, but its been so humid that everything I smoke feels like a rain forest in my lungs.I hate it.

What can be done? Only if I close the windows and buy an airconditioner will it help-and its not my place so I’ll forget. In the meantime I am not so happy with the smoke.


I ralized that I was just being a chump and humid weather always closed up my nasel passages and gives me a bit of a summer cold, and when that happens I smoke exclusively only menthol (mint) flavoured shisha or nahla double-apple does just great.

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