I’m crazy for grommets

Here I was smoking my new chiller hookah, blew smome smoke our, and¬† I noticed some smoke comming out of the pipe¬† at it’s connection to the hookah stem.

Thats why I buy all kinds of grommets. For the  vase, hose and clay tobacco bowl. I just took the factory given grommet on the stem (its very deep) and exchanged it for  a regular grommet which is working perfectly!

Especially the  grommets going under the clay shisha bowl  often get over hot and melt.

Another wise thing to do in a case where you are “loose” is to use some tissue paper. It does a perfect plugging job along with the grommet.

And don’t forget to have on handy an extra ball bearing for the air spout.

White pipe fitters “teflon” tape is cheap and often comes in handy around the¬† shaft and base. Good for a bad hose also.

A new cleaning brush is in order, since they wear down quickly and you could ruin the stem.

To clean my water bottle, I use a curved baby brush. Its good for getting at the air spout which gums up .

Don’t use a solvent like WD40, since its a “B” to clean outand will effect your taste forever.

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