Light up your hookah’s water base

Default LabelFinally found a photo to take down from “”s French-sister company

I’m trying to find it on youtube.

What you get (as shown in the above link) are two plastic balls with a tiny electronic battery inside that float in the water of the base non seeable , until you toke on the hose, move the water and this motion sets off about 5 neon-like colours inside the vase. Very strongly.

You can see the photo on the link above, sold by “ for $9.95.

When the water is stable, the colour action stops, until more hookah bubbles are created again.

The two balls are waterproof.

Here are a few similar bubble videos from you tube. again, checkthe above link to see what is meant by¬† “Bubbly-under-water-motion-light”similar to these :

Here is a gigantic example above water at a rock cocert :

The difference is that the hookah flashing bulbs are strobe and multi-coloured.

Here is a real electric (only one coloured ) strobe, while the little balls are cloured and small electronic.

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  1. Sorry that a few of the photos were impossible to upload.
    Also, may I say that the effects of the ball or the 2 from the pack are extremely colourful.when you stop the intake of air, they flash for about 3 seconds more and stop completely until someone starts to pull a smoke on the hose.
    Even in daylight you can see the colours, and in darkness its amazing!
    hookah 1


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