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Make your own Filter DIFFUSER

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A water diffusser is a filter inside your water bowl attatched to the very bottom of the shaft stem.

Heba company makes a great one which you can buy online.

A diffusser does a few things.

It filters the water fromany small particles which came down the shat as a result of pulling pressure from the pipe and would otherwise go into your hose or mouth.

It also filters nicotine and tar , just like the water does itself, but even more so.

As a result, using a diffusser you will see that the bubbles are smaller when you suck, the noise is much less and the suctionpull is more even.

Want to make your own?

Buy a pack of drinking straws- only the kind that bend will do.

First you must cut the straws to size.

Put as many straws (3-4) as will comfortably fit into the bottom of the metal shaft . (Put the small,bottom side) into the shaft as many as will fit snugly and then cut the other size according to the size of your bowl so that you may bend them each in a different direction inside the bowl .

Keep in mind that the straws have to fit inside of the water bowl¬† at the top where you have less room than inside the bowl. Also, don’t cut themso that as you put the sft into the bowl upon adding water that they hit and mash on the bottom of the bowl.¬† You want them to lightly hit the bottom and branch out. I got four small straws in, but keep in mind the size of your hokah bowl and the shat. 2 could be fine or even 3.

Its fine if you want each straw to bend as far as the sie glass of the bowl.

Add water, assemble your hookah and smoke. Of course the straws will not filter any nicotine or tar, but they will filter any small pieces in the water.Its a great idea if you want a more even pull onyour toke, or want to cut down on the size of the bubbles made along with its noise.

Hookah 1


I just did this. Upon adding the straws, I found them too long and cut a bit more so that they hit the glass bowl bottom and splay outward.

The end result…

I see a major change. The suction is stronger than ever I’ve felt, the bubbles are smaller and the noise of them is down, but there are many small bubbles as the pull is coming from the very bottom of the bowl. Its great.

The water is not bouncing up as high toward the rubber grommet and the two holes where it could get into the hose.

I feel that the shisha tobacco taste is even better than before.The smoke is also much thicker.

Try it.

Hookah 1

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