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Arabic Music to smoke hookah by

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The first song is a modern song, not religous, some of the songs are Moslem prayer songs, some are Arab pop tunes, and some are traditional Arab folk songs

Do NOT watch this video if you have high blood pressure !

She is Lebanese, I guess that explains a lot. Beirut could be like LA while Yemen the Mojave Desert!

This is a nice song, but the video part is (of course ) a comic spoof.

This song here itself is meant to be treated with great respect to the Moslem religion. There are lines in english also. (I would imagine that there are millions of Fundementalists who are upset about this video, but there are many sects and this looks like an “outreach” video.

This is a very meaningful video and portrays a person’s swift life in this corpreal world. It begins with the Moslem funeral service and portrays his partly wasted life.
The funeral is exactly Jewish too! At scene time of 1:05 check to see a man with a flat cement block in his hands as he places it down. Jews do the exact thing, and the rest is exact too! By Jews the cement blocks go over the body and then the soil is shoveled on to them to prevent impurity to the living among other reasons.

Sami Yusuf sings “Hasbi Rabbi” (Praise the Great One).the second word is NOT meant as a Jewish Rabbi. In Aramaic,Hebrew and Arabic the “Rabbi” means “great”.

Sung in English the High Moslem Prayer : Never forget to say “Make Highest the High Highness of A-llah”. I know lots of Jewish Hebrew prayers with the same words andmelody as here!

The three tenors

Quick change :
from an Arabic movie

Shukran ! Moshe Nuri uploaded this to YouTube
(sounds like a Moroccan or Tunisian Arabic)

Tislaam Ya Moshe (Nuri)


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