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Its really amazing the efforts that goes to¬† in constantly adding¬† new and better hookah products for your enjoyment.¬† There is a new kind of natural charcoal out “Laylina” with no chemical additives, only natural, new mix and match colours to your hookah shaft for a new look, Cobra Snake hoses, new specially produced music CD for hookah smoking,Silver Aladdin’s Lamp, and an amazing portable hookah with shoulder strap that lets you take hookah smoking with you on-the-go without missing a puff. Indiscrete also!

And while you are at it, look over our specially imported shisha selection, many of which ONLY sells.

See the new accessories, the great “Phunnel” bowl for shisha smoking extreme , shisha clothing for atmosphere and lots of other good things!

Here are a few of the products :

100% safe to clean pvc plastic-elastic hookah hose.

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