16 thoughts on “Party down(see Archives too)”

  1. This is where I leave off to join the party at the WashingtonD.C hookah Lounge “the Press Leak”, frequented by all the who-and-who of the nation’s press corp.
    They seem to like country-bluegrass down there, I play on my Stradivus Master Cello, “Blue moon of Kentucky” “Let the world go away” “Stand by your man” ,”Moonshiner’s Reel”, “Lay Lady Lay” and “Riding my thumb to Mexico” along with a large repitoure of songs by Johnny Rodriguez to the sound of accompaning hookah slurping noises
    Yo Yo Ma ma

  2. I’ll bring along my pedal steel guitar to your party, but the price is $800 per gig. You are paying for 40 years of experience and fame.I’m even in wikipedia and on amazon.com.
    Give me a break, after 5 months of being a hookah forum member, this is my first self-plug.
    sneaky Pete

  3. Hey Sneaky Pete, didn’t you play pedal steel guitar for “The Flying Burrito Brothers”, the Byrds, and later Gram Parsons R.I.P. ?


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