Plastic mouthpieces 4 U !

Mouthpieces for the hookah!, not only hygenicly safe, but even more it gives you often a better hold on the hookah hose than many of you wood or metal hose mouthpiece. I especially can’t stand the metal mouthpieces with ribs. Why ribs? Why not smooth?

Okay, for that there is a mouthpiece which fits  all size hoses.

Try it, you’ll like. Here is a link to get them :

Hookah 1

11 thoughts on “Plastic mouthpieces 4 U !”

  1. Hey Yo !
    I’m a newbie on this blog/forum and I just wet my pants in frantic anticipation since I’ve become a card-carrying regestered bona-fide memeber of this exclusive gathering. I’m wild about all things shisha, especially the boys who smoke it (I’m a girl, idiot). Mouthpieces, well, I like smoking mouth to mouth of course!


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