Wednesday, August 8th, 2007...4:14 am

Poll: How often do you smoke?

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How often do you smoke shisha in a week?


  • 2 times a day except during exams,assignments… i am a uni student!

  • everyday, except when I have school
    and during exams a lot more :p
    I kind of relaxing, smoking some hubbly bubbly

  • I usually smoke between batting practice, signing autographs and the game, every day, and then later on check out a hookah lounge in New York City.

  • Smokum the sheesha stuff as much as i can which 5 or so times the day, mon

  • Every day more or less twice at least.

  • When I’m back at the university during the year I try to get the guys together 3 smokes a week.

  • i smoke 1-2 times a day, and weekends unlimited 😀

  • Hi Diego ! I know why you only smoke 2 times a day ! You’re busy making the shisha videos that I stole from you on YouTube and uploaded here. They are great by the way, and I’ve learned a lot from them, besides the laid-back enjoyment of watching them.Thanks again.
    Hookah 1 MosheNL

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