Save a Life, Your Own!(See our archives)

“This is YOUR life”.

We are into the Holidays full swing after you have digested that Turkey, are getting ready tonight to light the first light of¬† Channukah¬† and¬† looking for a place to buy your Christmas Tree. And your happy holiday hookah. You”ll probably be¬† juiced-up on Jeam Beam, Old Grandad or MadDog Mogen Dovid.(or sterno, since you spent all your holiday money gifts for yourself on a new hookah and a stash of shisha, coals, etc.

(This is the Truth, as I was about to write the next sentence “Now is¬† the time to be considering hookah fire safety”,….I heard¬† the most distgusting sound of a coal dropping!I swear on this is Emes and true.Sign from G-D?, always!Every moment.

Luckily it fell not in my large sized ash catcher, but in the much larger sized pie tin which I also use to catch the ones that fall (or maybe jump) off the hookah shisha bowl perpendicularly.

As it says in the Talmud “He who saves the life of one human being saves all of G-D’s Creation”.

And who is more worthy to be the one? Why us, you and me too.Egotistic and self centered as we can often be.

Save a life this holiday season–your own, (and the whole 250 other apartments in yo hood!

Fairy MagicDancing SnowmanChristmas Socks

Tonight starts the first lighting of   the 8 day of Miracles, Chanukah.Siberia?

You bet, I have a daughter there!

Be happy, careful with fire and your coals!

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  1. This is very good to tell it.
    All happy holidays for Muslims,Christians ,Jews,Bhuddists,Hindu,all non idol worshipers and if you are agnostic or atheist then what do you have to celebrate that will last today and forever anyhow!?
    Okay, smoke some shisha narghilah


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