Tuesday, September 29th, 2009...3:02 am

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This is a quicky, though I usually¬† have what to say, I get a bit ornery when thinking about all the blogs here floating out into cyberspace.¬† Really, they are all here, but you have to go to the “search box archive” to see past articles.¬† This blog is 3 years on so far and lots of info has filled¬†the ¬†pages!

While you are here, check out the great selection of cheap, and very fresh shisha tobacco that “Smoking-Hookah” gets from next door His Majesty’s Kingdom of Jordan where most of it arrives here in under 3 hours from the factory.¬† “Nakhla” from also next door Egypt to our west, also comes very fresh and then shipped to their main base and offices on east and west coasts of the USA, also from France.


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