Shisha Information

Shisha Information:

Shisha is best kept in a cool, dark location. Refrigerating it can cause chemical changes that spoil the tobacco. When storing your tobacco, keep in mind that the best humidity to maintain is that of the ambient air. Hookah tobacco is best when it’s humidity is the same as the air you’re smoking it in. Therefore, don’t seal it completely. It’s ok to put it in a container, but don’t double ziplock it then put it in tupperware. It’s also a good idea to leave the portion you’re going to smoke out in the open air to acclimate for a few hours before you smoke it. This helps it reach an equilibrium with the air.

As you can see, if you’re coming from a cigar backround, a lot of shisha technique will be counterintuitive. I promise, it works.

As for stuffing the bowl, in fact, different tobaccos need to be packed different ways. This can depend on the cut, cure, and wetness of the tobacco. Most variances are between brands. Some is best “fluffed” and loosely laid in the bowl, while another brand is best “scooped” out of the containder and dolloped into the bowl. If you’re not getting enough airflow (and “pull” is a subjective thing) try poking more holes through to the bottom of the bowl. Some tobacco burns best when it’s touching the foil at the top, and other tobacco likes a little distance from direct contact with the heat source.

Part of the fun of hookah is figuring out how to set up the perfect bowl for you. It seems complicated, but that’s because I like to write more than I should.

Have fun!

Shisha Info

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