Sunday, June 22nd, 2008...3:33 pm

“Shisha Juice” flavour enhancers!!!

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I finally got my hands on “Shisha juice” flavour enhancers from

The essence juice comes in small bottles  in many flavours. There are two ways to apply them.

First, you can add a few drops to the water, as I just did, using mint shisha juice.It really is quite strong and gives a wonderful taste to the smoke!


Secondly, you may add the juice to your shisha, a few drops to ten grams, mix and wait 3-5 days, I have a few more days to go, I’ll wait the full five days and give a new report, having mixed lemon jucie to lemon shisha, mint to mint and double-apple to double-apple.

Please use this link to see their site. The idea is quite revolutionary. The weight of each  bottle is very light so shipping weight costs should be next to nothing.

ENJOY them.

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