So, why DO you partake of the Hubbly-Bubbly?POLL

Why do you smoke the hookah?

I would like to hear from mein kleiner freunden out there is shishaland. We will have a poll.

You write in comments about your resaons for smoking hookah,please don’t comment IF you have no reason, if you have “No reason” then why¬† oepen your mouth?

As it says¬† in the Talmud,¬† “How can you tell the difference between a wise man and a fool?” Answer : “You cannot tell until¬† he opens his mouthand talks”.

But since I am always flapping my gums and palate when I’m not smoking, you know which of the 2 ¬†I ¬†am!

Poll question : why do you smoke the hookah, hubbly-bubbly, shisha, narghilah, waterpipe ?

COMMENT ! Please!


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21 thoughts on “So, why DO you partake of the Hubbly-Bubbly?POLL”

  1. Actually trying to teach my children good manners, so where but in learning “Hookah Ettiquite” can I show them a good example? I don’t go to beer taverns and they CAN’T.
    Brave Ulysses Grantski

  2. I always smoke hubbly bubbly between intermission during my Cello concerts. My manager and friends also come backstage for a toke .
    Yo Yo Ma Ma

  3. Boris smokes hookah so that he may partake of glorius Russian made shisha brands, support the 5 year program to strengthen wonderful Russian economy at the expense of the Capitalist fools and their running-dog lackeys.
    Boris Badenov

  4. Of course the taste is great and so many varieties, but especially I love to see the great clouds of smoke billow out of my nose and mouth!


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